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What's in Your Sub Folder?

Emergencies happen and if you don't have an emergency sub folder, you should!

Here's what's inside my sub folder:
1. Current class rolls:  Remember to update these when you lose or gain a student.

2. Bell schedule: If you have a confusing schedule like A and B days or classes that rotate, try to be as clear as possible to minimize confusion.

3. Emergency lessons: Be sure to leave clear instructions for the substitute and a note about how many copies to make. I like to make my emergency lessons as general as possible so they will fit into any current unit of study. I don't want to have to recreate the wheel just to make something fit with what I am currently teaching when I have a fever of 102 degrees! Nor, do I want to just create pointless busy work for my students that I then after to spend hours grading.

For example, here's a really fun activity where students imagine what a phone of a historical person we recently learned about would look like (click below to get it as a free download!):

4. A thank you note for my substitute.


Don't have time to create a sub plan, I can help!



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