2020 - History Gal

How to Convert PowerPoints to Google Slides

I've been getting many questions about converting PowerPoints to Google Slides so I want to share how easy it is. If you'd like a video to walk you through the process instead of text, head over to my History Gal store and watch this free 5 minute long video.


6 Distance Learning Tips for Teachers

For most of us, this is unprecedented. We've had temporary closures for the flu and the stomach bug, snow days, ice days, wind days, hurricane days, tornadoes, and fires, but I have never seen entire states and nations close down schools for an undetermined amount of time. If you are a stressed out teacher, you are not alone! 


How I Teach the Electoral College

Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution established the Electoral College, a body of electors who actually elect the President instead of the U.S. voters. And, without fail, the Electoral College confuses students when they first learn about it.


Are Your Students Confused About Impeachment?

Are your students confused about impeachment? Well, they aren't alone! Somehow, impeachment has gotten equated with removal. I'm not sure why. No President has ever been impeached and removed. 3 Presidents (Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump) have been impeached and each have been acquitted.
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