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How to Convert PowerPoints to Google Slides

I've been getting many questions about converting PowerPoints to Google Slides so I want to share how easy it is. If you'd like a video to walk you through the process instead of text, head over to my History Gal store and watch this free 5 minute long video.

Before you can even begin to think about converting your PowerPoint to Google Slides, you need to have a gmail account and know how to access your Google Drive (go to and log in with your gmail information from there or access it in your gmail by clicking on the 9 dots in the upper right corner).

Next, you need to upload the PowerPoint to your Google Drive. I like to use the drag and drop method - I open up the folder the PowerPoint is in and I drag the PowerPoint from my file into my opened Drive. You can also use the "New" button in Drive to upload it. It will take Google Drive a few minutes to upload the PowerPoint to your Drive (you can see the progress in the lower right hand side as well as an approximate amount of time for the upload).

Once your PowerPoint has been uploaded into your Drive, open it. Google Drive will open up within Drive. In the middle of the top of your screen will be an option that says "Open with." Click on the upside down triangle to access the pull-down menu and click on Google Slides. Google will automatically convert the PowerPoint to Slides! Note: There may be some font and animation changes since you are converting the presentation from one program to another so you'll need to go through it and make sure everything is set how you want before you share it with your students.

Now that your presentation is a Google Slides, SAVE IT! File -->Save As Google Slides

Occasionally, when you upload a PowerPoint, you'll get a message that says "Couldn't preview file - file is too large to preview" and if you try to open it in Slides, it'll say "The file is too large to open. Please try with a smaller file." This just means your PowerPoint is too large for Slides to convert. You will need to divide your PowerPoint into smaller sections and upload the smaller sections into your Drive before converting them.

 Happy converting!

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