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JFK Presidential Library

By History Gal
Have you discovered the wealth of information contained in the various Presidential Libraries?
Presidential Libraries are one of my favorite places to go for quality primary sources! Let's take a closer look at one of them, he John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Begin by visiting the Media Gallery to view images from Kennedy's personal and political life. Then, browse the Digital Collection to scour Kennedy's personal and political papers. Visit the Permanent Exhibits to see, hear, and read the exhibits on the Campaign Trail, The Briefing Room, The Space Race, The Attorney General's Office, The Oval Office, The First Lady, and The Kennedy Family.

However, the best part of this site is its Interactives.
Want to know what President Kennedy did on a certain day? Check out the White House Diary. Examine Kennedy's role in key moments during the Civil Rights Movement at 1963: The Struggle for Civil Rights and Integrating Ole Miss.
Learn more about the Cuban Missile Crisis at The World on the Brink.
Find out more about the Space Race at We Choose the Moon.
Or, take a Virtual Tour of the Museum.

Connect this site to your lesson on Kennedy or the 1960s:
  • Have your students explore the site and then create an infographic about John F. Kennedy.

  • Have your students pick a topic from the site (Kennedy's family, Cuban Missile Crisis, Space Race, his presidency, etc.) and then create an informative brochure about the topic.

  • After exploring the site, have your students create a song or poem about Kennedy.

  • Create a webquest to help students navigate through the site.

  • Have students analyze a primary source document on the site using a Document Analysis Worksheet.
  • Have students analyze photographs from the site using a Photograph Analysis Worksheet

Looking for more resources?

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