Tuesday's Tip: PowerPoint Hack #1 - History Gal

Tuesday's Tip: PowerPoint Hack #1

I am a PowerPoint convert. I use it most of the time to create documents instead of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word lovers tell me I can do everything in Word that I do in PowerPoint. I'm sure that is true. However, PowerPoint is much more intuitive for me and I will not go back to creating in Word. One of the features I love about PowerPoint is the ability to duplicate slides (in other words, pages). I use this feature all the time.

1. After I've created a page I want to duplicate, in this case a Bingo card, I go to the Home tab and Click on New Slide.
The Musings of a History Gal

2. Click the Duplicate Slide option and PowerPoint will duplicate the slide you have highlighted.
The Musings of a History Gal

The Musings of a History Gal3. Now, I have two of the exact same slides. No more copying and pasting!

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