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Helpful Websites for Important People During the Civil Rights Movement

By History Gal

Martin Luther King, Jr.
The King Center Archive
King's Letter from Birmingham Jail
King's I Have a Dream speech
Article and Video Biography

Malcolm X
PBS: Malcolm X
FBI Vault
Article and Video Biography
The Malcolm X Project
New York Times Article on the Assassination of Malcolm X

Thurgood Marshall
Article and Video Biography

Medgar Evers 
Article and Video Biography
Time Magazine: Funeral of Medgar Evers
NPR: 50 Years after Assassination

John Lewis 
Article and Video Biography
U.S. Congress Biography

Stokely Carmichael
Black Power Speech
PBS: Stokely Carmichael
NPR: Philosopher behind the Black Power Movement
New York Times: Obituary

Emmett Till
PBS: Emmett Till

Look Magazine Confession
Testimony of Willie Louis
Emmett Till Exhibit
Bob Dylan Song
Lyrics to Bob Dylan Song

Jackie Robinson
Article and Video Biography

Rosa Parks
Interview with Rosa Parks
PBS: Eyes on the Prize

Josephine Baker
March on Washington Speech

Fannie Lou Hamer
American Radioworks: Testimony

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