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Helpful Websites for Important Events During the Civil Rights Movement

By History Gal

Brown v. Board of Education 
Brown v. Board of Education Decision
Library of Congress Exhibit about Aftermath of Brown v. Board
Resistance to Brown v. Board of Education Exhibit
The Legacy of Brown v. Board
The Story of Ruby Bridges
Non-violent protests
About Mahatma Gandhi
Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience
The King Center: Nonviolence
February One
Eyes on the Prize: Montgomery Bus Boycott
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Rosa Parks
Bus Boycott in Alabama
Eyes on the Prize: Montgomery Bus Boycott
Little Rock 9
Life Magazine Photos
Meet the Students
Sit-in Movement
February One
Freedom Riders
PBS: Meet the Players
PBS Freedom Riders Videos
PBS: Animated Map
Freedom Riders: Then and Now
Desegregating Universities
U.S. Marshals and Ole Miss
BBC News: Mississippi race Riots
American Radioworks: State of the Siege: Mississippi
JFK Presidential Museum Exhibit
Birmingham Campaign
Children's Crusade
NPR: How the Press Covered Birmingham
PBS: Birmingham Campaign
Birmingham Campaign of 1963
Birmingham Demonstrations
New York Times article
JFK Presidential Library Exhibit
March on Washington
I Have a Dream Speech
Josephine Baker's Speech
JFK Presidential Library Exhibit
BBC: Mahalia Jackson
Bombing of 16th St. Baptist Church
CNN: Fast Facts
New York Times Article
NY Daily News Article
NPR Story
JFK Presidential Library Exhibit
Ballad of Birmingham
FBI Re-opened Case
NY Times Article: Trial Begins
NY Daily New: Justice for Birmingham Church Bombing
NY Times Article: Last Suspect is Convicted
Freedom Summer
PBS: Freedom Summer Project
PBS: Video Clips
PBS: 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer
NPR: 50th Anniversary
NPR: Training for Battle
Freedom 50
JFK Presidential Library Exhibit
CBS News: Mississippi Burning
PBS: Freedom Summer Murders
March to Montgomery
PBS: George Wallace
Library of Congress: Eyewitness
LBJ Presidential Library: Speeches
Marching for Justice
King's Address to Marchers
Watts Riot
NPR: Watts Revisited
PBS: Huey Newton on Watts
NPR: 40th Anniversary of Watts Riots
King and Johnson Remark on Watts Riots
Black Panthers 
Video Clip
10 Point Platform

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