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4 Activities to Include in Your Middle Ages Unit


Text reads: 4 Activity Ideas for the Middles Ages with an image of a hand-made stained glass window and Illumuniated Letter handouts

I don't know why, but the Middle Ages is one of my all time favorite units to teach. I LOVE it! If you don't love it or just need some ideas to help make teaching about medieval Europe more engaging for your students, here are 4 of my favorite Middle Ages activities:

Picture of colorful stained glass window made from black card stock and colorful tissue paper

1. Making stained glass windows. 


You'll need:
black construction paper (or card stock)
white crayons or colored pencils
colored tissue paper
tape or glue


First, students sketch out their designs using a white crayon or colored pencil. These designs can be super simple geometric shapes or more complicated (If they are more complicated, students may need something more precise than scissors to cut them out. Cricut machines work great if you want students to create a digital design and use your machine).


Second, students cut out their designs.


Third, students apply tissue paper pieces to the cut out places. If students can see their white sketch marks, have them apply the tissue paper to the side the marks on on. Students may use tape or glue to apply their tissue paper.


Last, hang students' creations in front of a window to let the sun shine through the tissue paper, illuminating their designs.


2. Making Illuminated Letters.


You'll need: 
copies of illuminated letters (you can grab them free here)
very thin black markers
metallic pens or crayons
other crayons, colored pencils, or markers


First, let students pick which letter (you can grab them free here) they would like to design and give them some time to brainstorm their theme (they might want to pick something that starts with the letter they chose like a flower theme for the letter 'F').


Next, students use a pencil to sketch out their design.


Once students are happy with their design, they'll trace their sketch with the thin black marker and begin coloring.


Last, hang their creations on a bulletin board to show off their amazing creations!


3. Will Your Kingdom Survive the Middle Ages? I created this engaging simulation to help students make connections to what we've learned about in the unit. In this simulation, students face 18 scenarios and their answers determine whether they gain or lose gold coins for their treasury. It's a student favorite!

You'll find this simulation in my History Gal store here.

Image of a knight with text that reads Middle Ages Knighthood Activity

4. Knighting Students


You'll need:
This free download of my knighthood activity


Students complete a series of tasks. Those who complete all of the tasks are knighted during a investiture ceremony. It's a perfect excuse for having fun - dress up like a king or queen, make a fake sword out of cardboard and aluminum foil, celebrate with popcorn and drinks while students watch a movie.

What are some of your favorite activities?

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