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The Coloring Revolution and Why Your Students Should Be Doing It

By History Gal
It seems like every store I've gone into recently has a display of adult coloring books. Some stores are even hosting wine and coloring nights! What is this trend all about? Well, it turns out coloring helps adults unwind and relieves stress. By focusing on coloring, adults set aside their worries and their stressful schedules and are transported back to a simpler time. I admit, that I was a skeptic. But, I tried it and it worked!

As I colored, I thought of my high school students. Particularly, it made me think of my honors and AP kids whose loaded schedules and crazy after school activities have them running on fumes most of the year. And, when it's time for mid-terms and finals, I can almost feel the stress radiating from them. So I decided to revamp my exam prep days to include opportunities for coloring (and doodling).

Now, I'm not saying I gave my students random coloring books and had them color away, but I incorporated coloring into my actual exam review. I did this for all levels of students, not just my AP and honors students, and the change in my classes was amazing! My students were less stressed and they enjoyed studying for their exam!

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  1. My biology and anatomy students color throughout the school year using specialized coloring books for their subject matter. Great way to learn.

    1. That's awesome! I wish I had coloring books when I was a student taking biology and anatomy!


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