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What is Google Drive?

By History Gal


I am not tech savvy and am usually the last to jump on board the latest technology craze. I learned about Google Drive two years ago when my 8 year old daughter came home needing to access her Google Drive account so she could complete her homework. Not to be rendered technologically obsolete by an 8 year old, I opened a gmail account and began to delve into Google Drive. Now, I use it all the time! Now, my goal is to help my husband, who is a Luddite at heart, start using Google Drive to reduce massive amount of paperwork that swamps him as a high school history teacher.

What exactly is Google Drive?

It is a file storage system that lets you share files and documents that will change the way you teach!


Watch the video below to learn some basics about Google Drive:

Once you know how to upload and share files on Google Drive, you can start creating completely digital activities for your students to complete, eliminating the piles and piles of paper to grade! Don't know where to begin or have the time to make these digital activities? I can help! I am continually adding Google Drive resources to my TeachersPayTeachers store. Here's an interactive Greek Goddess flap book that is part of my Greek Gods Scavenger Hunt.

You can see all of my Google Drive resources here.

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