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Surviving the Last Few Days Before Break

A Christmas Tree with text next to it that reads My Favorite Lessons to use Right Before Christmas Break

You can feel it in the air. Your students are vibrating with excitement. Christmas break is almost here. BUT, it's not here yet...

Here are a few lessons I've created to help me survive until Christmas break:

Middle Ages Game cards
In World History, we usually are learning about the Middle Ages around break time. This simulation is a student favorite! It takes students through a simulation where they make decisions about a fictional kingdom during the Middle Ages. Students begin by randomly picking a fictional kingdom profile and a treasury card. Their kingdom's profile will guide some of the students' answers as they face 18 scenarios with several options. Student answers determine whether they gain or lose gold coins for their treasury. While the simulation's kingdoms and scenarios are fictional, students will enjoy connecting the scenarios to what they've learned or will learn about the Middle Ages. Afterwards, students will write a creative story that incorporates what they've learned about the Middle Ages and two of scenarios in the simulation. It comes with both print and digital versions so your students can play they are in-person, remote, or hybrid!


If you are looking for a fun activity that incorporates technology, students really enjoy this Christmas Traditions Around the World Scavenger Hunt (it also includes a version without QR codes!). It also includes a digital version so remote students don't miss out on the fun!

My students always loved playing Bingo. This Christmas Traditions Around the World game makes learning about Christmas traditions lots of fun. And, it includes a digital version to play during a video meeting!





In Civics, I like to bring out Doodle Notes - if it's a Presidential election year, we'll go over the Electoral College and if it's not, we'll go over How a Bill Becomes a Law. These both include print and digital versions to make your life even easier!








My U.S. History classes work on map activities...

Students complete a map activity for the Civil War. It's perfect for helping students understand what the United States looked like at the start of the Civil War including its western territories, where significant battles occurred, and which states were Union, Confederate, or Borders states. It's also a great way to incorporate geography into your unit. Students will label, color, and draw on the map and then answer a few questions.






What are your favorite activities do to before Christmas break?

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