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Surviving the Last Few Days Before Break

By History Gal

You can feel it in the air. Your students are vibrating with excitement. Christmas break is almost here. BUT, it's not here yet...

Here are a few lessons I've created to help me survive until Christmas break:
In World History, we usually are learning about the Middle Ages around break time. This lesson is lots of fun - students learn about medieval knights, create their own Coat of Arms, and complete tasks to become a "knight." I like to wrap it up by letting them watch  the movie "First Knight." Click here for a free movie guide that your students can use while they are watching First Knight.
I created this WebQuest because I wanted my students to do something fun about Christmas, but I wanted it to also be educational. It's offered as a free download in my store.
 If you are looking for a fun activity that incorporates technology, students really enjoy this Christmas Traditions Around the World Scavenger Hunt (it also includes a version without QR codes!).
My students always loved playing Bingo. This Christmas Traditions Around the World game makes learning about Christmas traditions lots of fun.

What are your favorite activities do to before Christmas break?

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