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What is Labor Day, anyway?

Musings of a History GalYesterday, schools were closed and most of us were home from work. But do you know why the first Monday in September is a Federal holiday?

Here are some sites that explain Labor Day:
United States Department of Labor: The History of Labor Day
History Channel articles and Videos: Labor Day
Time Magazine: Why We Celebrate Labor Day

Here are some sites that explain some notable events throughout the history of labor in United States:
Notable Strikes of the Gilded Age
Chicago Workers During the Gilded Age
University of Virginia's Documenting the Other Half
Library of Congress: Homestead Strike
Primary Source: "I Will Kill Frick"
PA Labor History Society video: Homestead Strike of 1892
Primary Source: July 1892 article about Homestead Strike
Labor History of the Pacific Northwest Encyclopedia
PBS: Triangle Factory Fire
Rise of the American Railway Union 1893-1894
Mother Jones Museum
PBS Video: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

Here are some events in the news now:
Kentucky Doesn't Have Any More Working Union Coal Mines
NPR: Northwestern Football Players Lose Union Bid
NPR: Washington Berry Pickers Push for Exclusive Union Contract

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