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Back to School Hack #1

While students often think teachers spend the summer watching documentaries and planning new lessons (or perhaps something more devious like in this July 26 Non Sequitur Sunday comic), many teachers, like me, do very little "school" stuff during the summer. We need the mental break. But, as the start date of school looms closer and closer, I start thinking more about the upcoming year. How about you?
I am part of a collaborative group of middle and high school teachers called Tools for Teaching Teens.

We just launched a new website and Facebook group full of resources for the secondary teacher.

On the site, you'll find two free idea and printables packs that you can download.
You'll also find video blogs like:
Learn how to have middle and high school students self-differentiate using locations in the classroom during instruction. Learn how to use pod seating to your advantage by creating heterogeneous groups based on student ability.
Establishing routines on the first days of school is so important! I have a few favorites... my tenure as a high school teacher, I concluded that few students who requested to go to the bathroom during class actually visited the bathroom when they left the classroom.

So, to stop the flood of students wanting "to go to the bathroom," I created a bathroom pass. (& Why) to set up interactive notebooks for your classroom

Last, we have a Pinterest board full of great ideas for secondary teachers.

 Want more Back to School Hacks?

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