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What Happened Today in April?

April 1, 1923

The Beer Hall Putsch helped Hitler rise to power in Germany. Read a primary account of the coup.

April 2, 1513

Ponce de Leon discovered Florida. Go to the Mariner's Museum to learn more about Ponce de Leon and the age of exploration.


April 3, 1882

Jesse James was killed. Go to the Biography Channel  to read or watch a video about about his life and his death.

April 4, 1968

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Visit the National Archives to read primary sources from the Report of the Select Committee on the Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives.

April 5, 1951

The Rosenbergs were sentenced to death for spying. Read the FBI article about the Atom Spy Case or visit this site about their trial.


April 6, 1917

The United Stated entered World War I. Read Wilson's message to Congress.

April 7, 1994

Rwandan Genocide began. Read the BBC report that explains how 800,000 people were killed in 100 days.

April 8, 1935

WPA was established by Congress. Download this PDF from the FDR Presidential Library about the WPA.

April 9, 1865

Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Read a primary account of the surrender.

April 10, 1970

The Beatles break up. Read the Rolling Stones article about why the band broke up. Don't know who the Beatles are? Go to their site and listen to some of their music.

April 11, 1814

Napoleon was exiled to Elba. Read 6 reasons why exile to Elba isn't that bad.

April 12, 1864

Fort Pillow Massacre occurred. Watch this video to learn more.

April 13, 1919

Amritsar Massacre occurred. Read an article from The Telegraph about the massacre and why it is such a low point in British history.

April 14, 1912

RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and later sinks in the icy North Atlantic. Visit National Geographic to view pictures of the sunken ship, see the crash scene, and more.

April 15, 1947

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Visit PBS to learn more.

April 16, 1917

Lenin returned to Russia. Visit a timeline of Lenin's life. Be sure to click on some of the primary source documents!

April 17, 1970

Apollo 13 returned to earth. Go to the National Air and Space Museum to learn about this successful failure.

April 18, 1906

A massive earthquake shook San Francisco. Just how big was the quake? Visit USGS' site about the destructive quake.

April 19, 1775

The American Revolution began. Go to the Library of Congress and investigate what happened.


April 20, 1999

Mass shooting at Columbine High School rocked the nation. Listen to a NPR story with Sue Klebold.

April 21, 1918

The Red Baron was killed in action. Who was he and how did he die? Click here to learn!

April 22, 1970

The first Earth Day was held. How can you help the environment? The EPA has some suggestions for you!

April 23, 1954

Hank Aaron hit his first career home run. Go to the Biography Channel and watch a short video about this amazing baseball player.

April 24, 1916

Easter Rising in Dublin began. Go to the BBC to learn about this movement.

April 25, 1719

The novel, Robinson Crusoe was published. You can read the ebook here or watch this video.

April 26, 1986

Nuclear accident at Chernobyl made the area a ghost town. Click here for some background on the disaster and then watch this video with footage from 2014.

April 27, 1773

The British Parliament passed the Tea Act. Look over the primary sources at the Library of Congress.

April 28, 1967

Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted. Read this New York Times article to learn why.

April 29, 1992

Police officers were acquitted in the Rodney King case and riots break out. Go to Frontline and read their interviews with key people from the case.

April 30, 1945

Hitler committed suicide. Read the Time magazine article about his death.

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